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Face claim for Juzo Kakei - Hideto Takarai

The Hojo Siblings: Saburo “Tora” and Ujimitsu “Mitsu”

Born only 11 months apart, Tora and Mitsu are sister and brother respectively, Tora being the elder of the two but third youngest of 9 children (7 boys, 2 girls). The pair stand out in terms of looks which were inherited by their British mother (pictured above), a famous model who married their yakuza father, Ujiyasu. Tora and Mitsu both carry the European appearance whereas the rest of their siblings have more Japanese features like their father.  

Tora’s shady background with a previous abusive boyfriend included her involvement with several crime cases and a few incidents that threatened her own life. Often times she would sneak under her bodyguard’s watch to see her ex and came into contact with some rather dangerous substance abuses. This coupled with the abuse from her own boyfriend and older brothers has made her take on a “devil may care” persona as well as a very stand-offish personality that distances her from others. Underneath the exterior she is a very loyal and devoted person, often seeking approval and affection from those she hangs onto.

(Mitsu’s info to be updated)

Rosaline’s face model: Izabella Scorpuco

Tora’s face model: Taylor Momsen

Mitsu’s face model: Andrej Pejic

Yakuza Father and Son

Kakei Satoru

(Face model: Sanada Hiroyuki)

Often regarded as the wild-card among the yakuza circuit, Satoru is a man not to mess with. Serving under the Takeda-gumi, he holds a small section of territory as thanks for his years of continuous service as a hitman. He is calm and calculating, but also holds a severe temper and grudge underneath. He is willing to do anything to get information out of anyone by any means necessary. An able businessman, Satoru also carries a rather charming personality. His sons Seiichi and Juzou are both working among the yakuza much to his wife’s chagrin, though are completely opposite in personality. While Seiichi is loud, abrasive and impulsive in nature, Juzou is the cold, quiet former child prodigy. He is also aware of his youngest’s homosexuality and past undercover history. 

Kakei Sebastian “Juzou”

(Face model: Takarai Hideto)

The youngest of the sons (his older brother Seiichi who works as a hitman for the Hojo-gumi), Juzou is of British-Japanese origin; his mother from England, and his father from Japan. Often working as an information gatherer and lead gunner, he has taken on darker jobs such as an undercover male prostitute and host. A child prodigy, Juzou is multi-versed in musical instruments and languages such as English, Spanish and German. He comes off as aloof, cynical and very quiet. Should one get past the outer exterior, there lies an outgoing and very abstract-minded individual. He is loyal to a fault, but doesn’t take betrayal and deception lightly - leading to extended grudge holding much like his father. He also admires Officer Anayama, though has a very hard time opening up about his affections and instead turns in the opposite direction. He currently serves the Sanada sector under the Takeda-gumi.

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Captian Dionysos and Feardorcha Solomon: Warlock of Pandemonium

Leif Rosenkrantz

(Face Model: Unknown)

Character biography to be posted here. 

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The De Morenos Family

Alej’s face model was chosen by his creator, magical-destiny on deviantART.

Very outdated because friendships die off and all that, but keeping for other uses. 



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