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Captian Dionysos and Feardorcha Solomon: Warlock of Pandemonium

Leif Rosenkrantz

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Character biography to be posted here. 

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The De Morenos Family

Alej’s face model was chosen by his creator, magical-destiny on deviantART.

Very outdated because friendships die off and all that, but keeping for other uses. 



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The Von Abendroth Family

Highly influential in the politics and wealth. Archduke Bjorn von Abendroth and his wife Karina oversee the social ladder within the city state.Not long after they married, Karina bore a son named Falko and later Warin, creating a joyous uproar within the estate. Years seemed at peace until she was pregnant with a second, but a whirlwind of complications and strange occurrances happened during her pregnancy. Nevertheless, she continued. However, at the time of her second child’s birth, Karina died during the process and never got to meet her daughter. Agares accused his infant daughter of being a witch incarnate and called her Iezabel. Later on servants would call her Isabelline, named for the soft, off-white colour of her hair.

Falko followed in his father’s footsteps and left to join the military, earning his honours and climbed the ranks. He is a hot-tempered and rather intimidating man, who is more comfortable with being on the battlefield rather than strategizing. Though it does appear that he possesses abilities similar to that of his baby sister.

Warin and Isabelline are a pair of unusual individuals. Warin, known for his higher than usual intelligence, tactical genius and patience is the eldest. Isabelline on the other hand is a quiet, distant woman with witch-like gifts. Warin is the more favoured, as Isabelline’s abilities intimidate her father and he blames her for the death of their mother.

As children they were rarely seen without each other, Warin often protecting his baby sister. In their early adolescence, Isabelline was later sent to the Asylum for her uncontrollable powers and hysteria.

Two years later Warin managed to discharge her from the Asylum. He took her to live in a modest home in the woods away from the strict and starchy society of the rich and power. Around this time Isabelline would wander the woods, singing to herself along the way until she came across a tall, dark haired man. Upon further interaction, this man was not only a gypsy but also her future husband, Alejandro. Elsewhere, Warin would later meet his future sweetheart, Zhao Xiaohui, a tea-mistress.

Warin’s face models (adult and child) were picked by his creator magical-destiny of deviantART

Isabelline’s face models (adult and child) were picked by yours truly.

It’s a bit out-dated in light of recent events, but still useful for bits and pieces.


St. Aurelia Lunatic Asylum

Home of the derranged, the deformed and the abandoned. This asylum was home to the patient Isabelline von Abendroth during the beginnings of her adolescence. Documents claimed that she suffered from schizophrenic behaviour and hysteria. Lisette was a different case - Often she would lash out at the warden and his orderly.
But in truth, Isabelline and Lisette were locked away for their witchcraft, their fascination with the other world and with the gypsy camps that littered the surrounding area. Their very existence bothered their father - who never wanted them to begin with…

Photos are of High Royds Asylum, and the bottom photo from Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.


Dr. Eliodoro and The Order of The Abysmal Kindred

Dr. Cesario Eliodoro is one of the leading psychiatrists of St. Aurelia, whom Isabelline sees for her mental care during her stay. He appears compassionate towards his occupation, acting like a fatherly figure to a selected few. Outside of his work, he is a collector of masks and oddities - the most notable of his collection is the Plague Doctor mask from his birthplace of Italy. After a few sessions with the young Von Abendroth girl, Cesario takes notice of her otherworldly abilities and takes her under his wing.

From here, Isabelline is initiated into the Order where she meets fellow “kindred” Marisolle Dubois, who is also an asylum patient, and Balthor. Marisolle’s gifts include pyrokinesis, which lead to her admission after several strange occurances. Balthor, whose real name is unknown and is Marisolle’s adopted father is an immortal warlock who teaches Isabelline how to harness her power. Like Balthor, Cesario is also a practicing magic user; sometimes acting like an Angel of Death, similar to the function of which his favourite mask served years ago.

There are many more members, but these are the most notable in Isabelline’s life.


Yakuza Women Part 1: Daughters - Date-Uesugi and Toyotomi 

Tamura Mego

Hojo Tora

Otani Aki

Uta Rin


Yakuza Women Part 2: Second Halves (Fuma vs Iga)

Gamo Kaminari

Miyoshi Isa